THE AGM (Annual General Meeting) of Goring Social Club will be held on Thursday March 31st commencing at 8.00pm. All members are welcome to attend.


  1. Apologies 
  2. Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday March 26th 2015 
  3. Matters arising 
  4. Management Committee report 2015 
  5. Financial report for year ending 2015 
  6. Committee proposal: 

To set the membership subscriptions in 2017 at £24.00 for adult members, £18.00 for senior members and £5 for junior members. 

  1. To review the effectiveness of communications with club members via email contacts and the club website. 
  2. Election of Officers: President: Treasurer. 
  3. Election of members to the Committee  
  4. Appointment of auditor for 2016 
  5. To confirm whether to select either a full audit or to receive an Accountant’s Report for the 2016 accounts.

The Club Needs YOU

The Management Committee has several vacancies to be filled by co-option.  At the moment there are 6 members, on whose shoulders rests the responsibility of spending your money.  Our concern, being just 6 out of over 550 members is that we may not fully represent your views, when it comes to decor, entertainments, or even selection of drinks.

Ideally this imbalance would be mitigated by filling the vacancies, but a lite version may appeal to those who are too busy to offer themselves for full committee membership and that is by joining one of the subcommittees, which would not require attendance at the monthly Committee meetings.

The Entertainments Subcommitttee selects and schedules all the entertainment that is laid on for Club members – discos, singers, musicians, comedians, race nights, quiz nights, draw nights and anything else they can think of to bring the punters in.  The remit includes selecting events to be shown on the big screen.  Sourcing musicians and singers is an onerous job best shared out between two or more people.  Without these events and the money they bring in over the bar, the Club could not survive and your contribution could make a real difference to its finances, as well as its reputation in the village.

The House Subcommittee looks after the fabric of the building.  They get to spend the money that the entertainments and the bar generate.  In recent months you will have seen bar stools recovered, a new carpet and LED lighting (notice it’s no longer stifling in summer?)  Shortly, the exterior walls and the Snooker Room will be redecorated and most of the chairs will be reupholstered.  They also make non-capital expenditure suggestions such as moving the pool table to the Quiet Room and altering the seating between the entrance and the bar.  The Subcommittee’s pet project is a makeover and expansion of the lavatory area, which will need major capital investment.

The Bar Subcommittee occasionally needs support.  We make relatively few changes to the drinks line up, but the wines on offer have to be reassessed from time to time, there is a spare pump (currently Corev Lager) which can accommodate novel drinks and gaps may appear in the spirits range.  Its big task is the annual price review.

Dogsbodies are also needed, for example, someone officious-looking on the door to monitor membership status for screened rugby matches and after the subscription renewal grace period in February.

If you would like to make a real contribution to running your Club and think you have a flair that will enhance the Committee, but can only manage one meeting a month, please speak to Kevin Nicholas or any of the Committee to offer your services.

Ian King