Real Ales


Ales coming to the Guest Pump shortly

The middle pump is currently serving  White Horse Brewery Village Idiot

The third pump is back in action serving Shepherd Neame Spitfire for the autumn season.

Dave on the Pull at the Soashe

During the month we shall be serving:

Yeovil Ales Star Gazer Beartown Brown Bear 4.1%
Dark russet coloured brown ale with malt and toffee flavours. Full bodied with a light hoppy finish.

Yeovil Ales Star Gazer Long Man Brewery Scary man 4.3%
A full bodied Malty Monster of a beer, with undertones of molasses and oozing fresh hoppy aromas from an all British blend – Scarily Good!

Yeovil Ales Star Gazer Watling Street Premium Brew 4.2%
A well balanced, full flavoured beer, with some fruity notes, mild spicy bitterness and a lightly hopped finish.

Yeovil Ales Star Gazer White Horse Brewery Village Idiot 4.1%
Brewed in honour of the ‘Village Idiot’ who stands at every bar in the land, dispensing pearls of wisdom such as “the waters not that deep – it only comes halfway up the ducks.” Whilst they seem a little off-the-wall they often know what to drink! This golden beer uses an idiotic amount of fresh hops to create a refreshingly clean bitter beer, with fine pale malt and a touch of wheat for a fine balance.

Elgood Saturday Night beaver Elgood Saturday Night Beaver 4.5%
Pale ale with dry biscuit malt.

Exmoor Ale Exmoor Ale 3.8%
This light chestnut-brown session beer has a fresh, grainy, biscuity nose with a hint of fresh citrus fruit in the background thanks to the use of intricate hop grist of Goldings, Challenger, Brewers Gold and Styrian Goldings, while the palate tingles with a stunning counter play between grainy, biscuity maltiness and a sprightly citrusy fruity centre with a suggestion of mint adding to the fun. The refreshing finish is a Challenger hop-driven bitter sweetness co-existing with a lingering dryness, while traces of biscuity maltiness, the merest whisper of chocolate (from a pinch of chocolate malt in the mash) and more fruit also make an appearance. The sort of finish that says ‘do have another sip’.

White Horse Wayland Smithy White Horse Wayland Smithy 4.2%
The power of the blacksmith is legendary, and this beer combines the best ingredients money can buy with the skills of the traditional brewer to create a hammering good beer. Red, like the fire at its heart, and balanced with buckets of aromatic hops, it’s enough to give other brewers the hump.

Beers we have served